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Understanding Backup Withholding Notices

The IRS issues Backup Withholding CP2100 or CP2100A Notices to payers. These notices let payers know that backup withholding may need to begin for some taxpayers.

Backup withholding begins if a taxpayer’s identification number (TIN) is missing or has incorrect name/TIN combinations. Payers who receive these notifications should compare the information in the notice with their records.

  • For missing TINs: Determine if backup withholding is already set up; if not, begin immediately.
  • For incorrect TINs: Compare the accounts on the listing. If they agree, notify the taxpayer. If not, correct or update the information.

Payers need not send corrections to the IRS and shouldn’t respond to the notice.

For more information, see Publication 1281 and IRS Tax Tip 2019-77.

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