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We Provide You With Solutions For Your Tax-Related Concerns. . . .Service Corporsations & Individuals
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Many issues may come up when it comes to the IRS and taxpayers. For business owners, managing your taxes can take up too much of your time when you should be running your business. That’s why for your tax-related concerns, we have experts who can help you with your tax preparation and planning and also sales tax-related management.

Our Services Include:

  • Tax Services
    • Multi State Tax Services
    • Individual Income Tax Services and Preparation
    • Corporate & Business Tax Preparation and Services
  •  Small Business Bookkeeping/Bank Reconciliation/Financial Statement Preparation
  • Business Incorporation & Conversions
    • Managing sales tax audits
    • Identifying and recovering sales and use tax refunds
    • Reducing future tax accountabilities
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Small Business start-ups
  • Related Services
    • Audit
    • Payrol
    • Realtor
    • Notary Public
    • Business Taxes
    • Career Training
    • Individual Income
    • Vrtual Office Rental
    • Custom Website Design
    • Management Consulting
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Business Name Registration
    • ITIN Services Click Application
    • Non-Profit Application and Taxes
    • Business Planning and Consulting
    • HealthCare Set-up; Policy and Procedure Click
    • CPR & First Aid Instructor
      • CPR and First Aid Classes (American Red Cross)
      • CPR and First Aid Classes (America Heart Association)
    • Fingerprints – Background Click
    • To know more about our services, feel free to contact us at 240-755-3544 / 240-200-9008.
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