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Never share your personal info

Scams are on the rise—stay alert with these tips.

More than ever, we all need to be vigilant when it comes to our personal and financial information. If an email, call or text looks suspicious, it probably is. Here are some tips to help keep your money and personal information safe:

Never share your confidential info. No matter who contacted you,

  • Banks or Any good organization will never ask for personal or account information like usernames, passwords, PINs or Social Security numbers.
  • They will never send text from regular phone numbers – SMS alerts always come from a short code (example five digits, for example: 12345).
  • Also, will never request remote access to your device or tell you to download unknown apps.
  • When in doubt, tell the caller that you will disconnect and call back the number you can identify the company with (example, call the number on the back of your debit or credit card)
  • Dont call back the number that the supected scanner gives to you for verification
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